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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: Single Acting, Double Acting, Telescopic, Pneumatic, Rod Less, & More

Cylinders allow hydraulic systems to apply linear motion and force without mechanical gears or levers by transferring the pressure from fluid through a piston to the point of operation.

At Universal Hydraulic Services, we are a complete hydraulic cylinder maintenance center, from resealing to manufacturing custom cylinders to meet the needs of our diverse clients throughout Houston and beyond.

Cylinder Resealing – Over time cylinders can begin to drift or leak leading to loss of performance and / or a major failure (usually with the worst possible timing). Have the cylinders resealed is a smart and worth wile investment to keep your machines going strong.

Complete Cylinder Repair – In most cases we are able to repair your hydraulic cylinder and components at a fraction of the cost of new. All components will meet or exceed OEM standards. All of our work 100% guaranteed.

Custom Cylinder Manufacturing – We can manufacture various hydraulic cylinders to your exact specifications and in almost any quantity. Call today to speak with one of our technicians.

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